They had Saxons among them, and were now so potent, that Orosius A.C.

417 wrote of them: Burgundionum esse praevalidam manum, Galliae hodieque testes sunt, in quibus praesumpta possessione consistunt. About the year 435 they received great overthrows by Aetius, and soon after by the Hunns: but five years after had Savoy granted them to be shared with the inhabitants; and from that time became again a potent kingdom, being bounded by the river Rhodanus, but afterwards extending much further into the heart of Gallia. Gundobald conquered the regions about the rivers Araris and Rhodanus, with the territories of Marseilles; and invading italy in the time of the Emperor Glycerius, conquered all his brethren.

Godomarus made Orleans his royal seat: whence the kingdom was called Regnum Aurelianorum. He was conquered by Clotharius and Childebert, Kings of the Franks, A.C. 526. From thenceforward this kingdom was sometimes united to the kingdom of the Franks, and sometimes divided from it, till the reign of Charles the great, who made his son Carolottus King of Burgundy. From that time, for about 300 years together, it enjoyed its proper Kings; and was then broken into the Dukedom of Burgundy, County of Burgundy, and County of Savoy; and afterwards those were broken into lesser Counties.

6. The Kings of the Franks were, A.C. 407 Theudomir, 417 Pharamond, 428 Clodio, 448 Merovaeus, 456 Childeric, 482 Clodovaeus, &c.

Windeline and Bucher, two of the most diligent searchers into the originals of this kingdom, make it begin the same year with the Barbarian invasions of Gallia, that is, A.C. 407. Of the first kings there is in Labbe’s Biblotheca M.C. this record.

Historica quaedam excerpta ex veteri stemmate genealogico Regum Franciae.