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Vaclav Smil, Europe may end as just the museum of the world

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Former Muslims to the Pope‬‬ about Islam

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

A genocide of Christians at the hands of Muslims

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

The top 21 countries persecuting all Christians

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

Coudenhove-Kalergi and A. Briand on Turkey and the European Integration

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

What is the meaning of the European flag?

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D. Trump: Do we believe in our future?

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Islam did not pass Greek knowledge to the West

Education, Europe - West, Greek Language, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel, A Review

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Jihadism is not extremism, it is a foundational concept of Islam

Greek history, Islam

Haghia Sophia, Christendom’s Greatest Cathedral, to Become a Mosque

Greek history, Islam, Orthodox Christianity

O. K. Cengiz, Turkey should celebrate the Byzantine origin of its territories


Pascal on the Koran, Mahomet and Christ


Islam in the Light of Scripture – The true nature and dangers of Mohammedanism

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British Muslims and the policy of England

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Islamic terrorism inside the classroom

Europe - West, Greek history, Islam

Sylvain Gouguenheim: La culture europeenne ne devrait pas grand-chose a l islam

Europe - West, Greek history, Islam

It Was September 11 In The Year 1822


Non-muslims in muslim countries

Europe - West, Greek history, Greek Language, Islam, Politics

Obama, Islam, and the Renaissance

Europe - West, Greek history, Islam

Influences of Byzantine Art and Architecture

Islam, Politics

Obama and the american dream – do we want that?

Church of Greece, Education, Europe - West, Greek architecture, Greek art, Greek history, Greek Language, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Politics

Byzantium : The Lost Empire

Christianity, European Union, Islam, Literature, Politics

The mosque of Notre-Dame


There is no such thing as a ‘common heritage’ with Muslims


Geert Wilders, or the fundamental contradiction of Europe


Video on the Islamic Occupation of Constantinople, 1453


Graham Fuller: Would the world be better off without Islam?

Europe - West, Greek history, Islam

What is the problem with the Trinity?


Should we become Muslims when we deal with Muslims?


The Islamic hate of thinking

Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Islam

Why only Turks learn Turkish

Europe - West, Islam

European Union: we need clear thinking and straightforwardness

Three Millennia of Greek Literature