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Ibsen, Joyce, Modern literature

James Joyce on Henrik Ibsen: Fortnightly Review April 1, 1900

Ibsen, Modern literature

The myth that Ibsen is only interested in domestic drama

Art, Europe - West

Henri Cartier-Bresson in Greece

Europe - West, Politics

Was the British Industrial Revolution a cause of misery?

Art, Orthodox Christianity

Image of the New Jerusalem

Europe - West, Modern literature

E. O. Smith, Edgar Allan Poe

Education, Europe - West

The longer a child has been with same-sex parents, the greater the harm

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam

Former Muslims to the Pope‬‬ about Islam

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

A genocide of Christians at the hands of Muslims

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

The top 21 countries persecuting all Christians

Education, Politics

Why we must invest in the humanities

Education, Philosophy

W. Ong, The interiority and centering action of sound

Europe - West, Politics

Nazis and Communists celebrate their cooperation against Europe

Europe - West, Greek Culture, Greek history, Politics

Alex Pardalis, Ancient Greece as a precursor of modern liberalism

Education, Europe - West, Greek Culture, News, Politics

Em. Macron, A Speech for Europe, Athens 2017 (full text in English, and video)

Art, Education, Europe - West

Alessandro Cesaro: Authenticity in music, some reflections

Christianity, Europe - West

The Vulgate is not the official Bible of the Catholic Church

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

Coudenhove-Kalergi and A. Briand on Turkey and the European Integration

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

What is the meaning of the European flag?

Christianity, Europe - West, Politics

Religious connotations in the flag of the European Union?

Europe - West

Scarborough Castle

Art, Greek art

Athena of Velletri


Perseus with the Head of Medusa

Europe - West, Politics

Philippe Nemo and the Western Identity


Aaron Copland, The creator must be instinctive and spontaneous

Europe - West, Politics

K. Bickford, The French Revolution as a reflection of national consciousness


J. Shapiro, Parents need to take responsibility for raising thoughtful children

Education, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

D. Trump: Do we believe in our future?

Art, Education, Europe - West

Aaron Copland, Elements of the Pleasure of Music

Education, Europe - West, News, Politics

Soft, bland and tasteless thought is required on campus

Education, Europe - West, Greek art, Greek history, Philosophy

Bob Dylan, I return once again to Homer

Education, Philosophy

Brian Eno: Humanity Starts with Art

Education, Europe - West, Politics

B. Kerstein: Chomsky is a man who dedicated his public life to political evil

Europe - West, Politics

Emmanuel Macron, Sigmar Gabriel: Building the new eurozone architecture

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