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Kurt Goedel, a Mathematician in the School of Plato

Greek history, Philosophy, Plato

Joseph Joubert, Plato makes us ready to know all

Europe - West, Philosophy, Plato, Politics

Martin Luther King: Being in the right direction

Philosophy, Plato

John Uebersax, Platonism is about the sacredness of unitive life


I like Plato

Church of Greece, Education, Greek art, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity, Plato

Books for getting closer to Orthodox Christianity

Europe - West, Greek history, Plato

We need beauty – a note on Byzantium

Greek history, Orthodox Christianity, Plato

Bultman and the ungratefulness of ancient Greeks


The Ring of Gyges and the Brazen Bull


Plato – Archetypes, Ideas

Greek Language, Philosophy, Plato

Eros and Agape: Can we know what love is?

Education, Europe - West, Plato

Remembering Reiner Schurmann

Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Greek Library, Philosophy, Plato

An introduction to the philosophy of ancient Greece

Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy, Plato

The Greek Identity

Greek Library, Orthodox Christianity, Plato

Athanasius the Great: The Lord came not to make a display

Education, Europe - West, Orthodox Christianity, Plato, Politics

Homosexuality: will we quit the pretexts?

Greek Library, Plato


Greek Culture, Greek Library, Philosophy, Plato

A note on Plato and the Greek organicism