By loving wisdom we approach Hellenism in its real character, which is not racial. This is why ancient Athens could be seen as the ‘Greece of Greece’, and even barbarians were accepted at Eleusinian mysteries. “They have the same blood who have communion with the same Gods”, (Plato, Laws 729c). Truth is blood, because ‘truth is the start of all goods for Gods and for men’ (Laws 730c), it is not only a conceptual fact, nor always, nor mainly. Love for wisdom made the Greeks travel to foreign lands and learn from other peoples. Hellenism is not a defense but a movement, an exit from oneself. Greek is he who doesn’t want to be ‘the best’: he wishes for all people to be better in order to admire all, to learn from all and be able to say ‘I’m a Russian, I’m a French, I’m a German…’ – he has his race in truth and not in himself