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Isaiah Berlin on Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago

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James Joyce on Henrik Ibsen: Fortnightly Review April 1, 1900

Ibsen, Modern literature

The myth that Ibsen is only interested in domestic drama

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E. O. Smith, Edgar Allan Poe

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George Bradley, An Arrangement of Sunlight at Hagia Sophia

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I talk in order to understand – Robert Frost Quotes

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Victor Hugo on the Massacre of Chios (1822)

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Oscar Wilde as a Classicist

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Tolstoys at war

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Christmas with Rilke

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What is the secret of the popularity of Cavafy?

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Julia Hulsmann, Emily Dickinson and Plato

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Harold Pinter Nobel Speech – Art, Truth and Politics

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George Seferis

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Spiritual Counsels of Elder Amphilochios Makris

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Ostrov – A Modern ‘Life’ of a Saint

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Three glances at Islam

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A child’s prayer

Greek architecture, Greek history, Greek Library, Modern literature, Orthodox Christianity

Like the golden wings of the pheasant when he flies

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This Singing Ground

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Elytis, Sinopoulos, Karyotakis, Eggonopoulos, Palamas, Anagnostakis, Ritsos

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Dionysios Solomos

Three Millennia of Greek Literature