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Cavafy in English and Greek side by side:
In the month Athyr, The Horses of Achilles, Perfidy, As much as you can & Finished

Cavafy: IN 200 B.C., The windows, Ithaca, Waiting For The Barbarians, Che fece…Il gran rifiuto, The City, Thermopylae

A comment on Cavafy’s poem As Much As You Can, by Renos Apostolides (in Greek)

Daniel Mendelsohn, Cavafy – The Life of a Poet

P. Green, Cavafy – The supreme poet of nostalgia

The Cavafy Archive (Poems, Prose, Essays, Manuscripts, Images)

Biography, Poems in English and (monotonic) Greek

Introduction to Cavafy poems, by W. H. Auden * C. P. Cavafy, A poet in history, by J. Epstein

Cavafy’s angst, by Ravi Vyas

Cavafy’s Ithaca recited by Sean Connery (music by Vangelis):

Cf.  Elpenor’s Bilingual Cavafy  * Cavafy Books

Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome


  1. Jonathan Evans

    Ah blessed one, dearest companion of the immortal Muses, fare thou well even in the house of Hades

  2. Thomas Dohling

    Why were your poems so pregnant with melancholia?

  3. George

    I wish Cavafy lived, to answser your question. We can only guess – his life in Alexandria, a modern city with only a few Greeks, contrary to the past – I think he was feeling the passing of time, how people change, civilizations change, even Greece becomes a modern western country…. There are enough reasons, personal and cultural, for a sensitive soul to be melancholic… Even the homosexuality of Cavafy added to this – a condition disdained by society, with relationships that only very seldom last long, etc.