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Keynes, not Hayek, is the major influence over the last century

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam

Former Muslims to the Pope‬‬ about Islam

Greek history, Politics

The real identity of FYROMacedonia is VARDARSKA

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

A genocide of Christians at the hands of Muslims

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

The top 21 countries persecuting all Christians

Education, Politics

Why we must invest in the humanities

Europe - West, Politics

Nazis and Communists celebrate their cooperation against Europe

Europe - West, Greek Culture, Greek history, Politics

Alex Pardalis, Ancient Greece as a precursor of modern liberalism

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Em. Macron, A Speech for Europe, Athens 2017 (full text in English, and video)

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

Coudenhove-Kalergi and A. Briand on Turkey and the European Integration

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

What is the meaning of the European flag?

Christianity, Europe - West, Politics

Religious connotations in the flag of the European Union?

Europe - West, Politics

Philippe Nemo and the Western Identity

Europe - West, Politics

K. Bickford, The French Revolution as a reflection of national consciousness

Education, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

D. Trump: Do we believe in our future?

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Soft, bland and tasteless thought is required on campus

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B. Kerstein: Chomsky is a man who dedicated his public life to political evil

Europe - West, Politics

Emmanuel Macron, Sigmar Gabriel: Building the new eurozone architecture

Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Politics

President Barack Obama, A Speech For Democracy

Europe - West, Politics

Macron is right, a more supple EU would be harder to break apart and more viable in the long run

Education, Europe - West, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Islam did not pass Greek knowledge to the West

Education, Europe - West, Greek Language, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel, A Review

Europe - West, Greek history, Politics

Learning from the activist Byzantine politics

Education, Politics

Serious emotional problems in children with same-sex parents

Education, Politics

Children of homosexuals suffer a significant harm

Islam, Politics

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Jihadism is not extremism, it is a foundational concept of Islam


Thanos Tzimeros, A Speech to the British Parliament about Greece

Europe - West, Politics

E. S. Phelps, Greeks need to shed their corporatist values

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Lessons from Canada, Children need different-sex parents and society needs real freedom

Europe - West, Philosophy, Plato, Politics

Martin Luther King: Being in the right direction


Political Islamic movement: Disentangling myth from reality

Education, Europe - West, Orthodox Christianity, Politics

Pope Francis, We need a Europe which contemplates the heavens

Literature, Politics, Russia, West

Solzhenitsyn as critic of Communism and Liberalism

Philosophy, Politics, West

The West and the march to progress

Three Millennia of Greek Literature