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Education, Europe - West, Philosophy

The reality of the tenses

Education, Philosophy

Consequences of language ability for religious and spiritual development

Education, Philosophy

W. Ong, The interiority and centering action of sound

Education, Europe - West, Greek art, Greek history, Philosophy

Bob Dylan, I return once again to Homer

Education, Philosophy

Brian Eno: Humanity Starts with Art

Education, Philosophy

P. Ibbotson and M. Tomasello on the error of N. Chomsky: The impasse of universal grammar

Education, Europe - West, Philosophy

Hannah Arendt, An extraordinary loss of humanity


Kurt Goedel, a Mathematician in the School of Plato

Education, Europe - West, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Islam did not pass Greek knowledge to the West

Education, Europe - West, Greek Language, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel, A Review

Education, Europe - West, Philosophy

How philosophy became irrelevant

Greek Library, Philosophy

Synesius of Cyrene, On Dreams (Greek Original)

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We can only live in the real world

Education, Philosophy

Reading in search of a balance between wisdom and impressions

Greek history, Philosophy, Plato

Joseph Joubert, Plato makes us ready to know all

Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Saint Paisios the Athonite, As Much As You Can

Europe - West, Philosophy, Plato, Politics

Martin Luther King: Being in the right direction

Archaeology, Philosophy, Science, Secularism, West

Notes on the Antikythera mechanism and modernity

Philosophy, Plato

John Uebersax, Platonism is about the sacredness of unitive life

Philosophy, Politics, West

The West and the march to progress

Christianity, Philosophy, Politics, Western Christianity

St. Augustine’s Political Philosophy


Lasch, The Narcissistic Personality of Our Time


Lasch, Narcissism as a Metaphor of the Human Condition


Lasch, Psychology and Sociology


Lasch, Narcissism in Recent Clinical Literature


Lasch, Social Influences on Narcissism


Lasch, The World View of the Resigned


I like Plato

Economics, Philosophy, Politics

Aristotle on economics

Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Gregory of Nyssa’s Commentary on Ecclesiastes

European Union, Philosophy, Politics

Freedom and European unity

European Union, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy, Politics, Secularism

Giannaras: the Church as new political paradigm

Culture, Other, Philosophy, Politics

Quotes from King Sejong the Great


Totalitarianism generates total sterility

History, Philosophy, Politics, Society

Totalitarianism: the inversion of politics

Greek Poetry, Greek Religion, Philosophy

Adam Drozdek, The Milesians