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Icons of the Christ


Owl of Picasso

Art, Europe - West

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (Lyrics)


C. Martinkus, On the variation practice in Schubert sonatas

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Henri Cartier-Bresson in Greece

Art, Orthodox Christianity

Image of the New Jerusalem

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Alessandro Cesaro: Authenticity in music, some reflections

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Athena of Velletri


Perseus with the Head of Medusa

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Aaron Copland, Elements of the Pleasure of Music

Archaeology, Art, Byzantine empire, Rome, Western Christianity

The ‘Fair Angel’ and the David Plates: Hellenism in Late Antique Art

Archaeology, Art, Byzantine empire, History, Other

A representation of Byzantium on a sarcophagus in China?

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Romanesque churches in France

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Between East and West, the Spiritual Roots of Europe

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Art between Byzantium and Italy

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The legacy of Minos

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Byzantine art

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Roman figurine found in Jerusalem

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The Passion According to Matthew

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Greek and Roman world websites

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Theology in Iconography.