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Philosophy, Politics

Notes on Plato’s Symposium

Archaeology, Philosophy, Science, Secularism, West

Notes on the Antikythera mechanism and modernity

Archaeology, History, Linguistics

Listen to spoken Proto-Indo-European!

Literature, Politics, Russia, West

Solzhenitsyn as critic of Communism and Liberalism

Economics, Philosophy, Society, West

The modern economy: in freedom or in servitude?

Culture, Music

We need Beauty back into the Arts

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Charlemagne and Europe

European Union, History, West

Europe, from Charlemagne to the Treaty of Rome

Philosophy, Politics, West

The West and the march to progress

European Union, History, Politics

The Ghosts of Europe’s Past

Culture, European Union, Politics

On the necessity to promote European culture(s)

European Union, Politics, Society

Europe has failed to create Europeans

Archaeology, Art, Byzantine empire, Rome, Western Christianity

The ‘Fair Angel’ and the David Plates: Hellenism in Late Antique Art

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The Value of Writing

Christianity, Philosophy, Politics, Western Christianity

St. Augustine’s Political Philosophy

Economics, Philosophy, Politics

Aristotle on economics

European Union, Philosophy, Politics

Freedom and European unity

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The new cultural revolution

European Union, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy, Politics, Secularism

Giannaras: the Church as new political paradigm

Christianity, History, Politics, Western Christianity

The Gates of the Church of Milan, or The Limitations of Political Power

Archaeology, Art, Byzantine empire, History, Other

A representation of Byzantium on a sarcophagus in China?

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Quotes from King Sejong the Great

History, Philosophy, Politics, Society

Totalitarianism: the inversion of politics

European Union, Politics, Russia

“I see Russia as the successor state of the Empire of Byzantium.”

Music, Orthodox Christianity, Russia

Russian ecclesiastical chants of the medieval period

Art, Western Christianity

Romanesque churches in France

European Union, Politics

Libya: Will Europe Take the Lead?

European Union, Politics

Moscow, capital of Europe?

Music, Orthodox Christianity, Western Christianity

Chants of the Church of Rome, Byzantine period

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Language as interpretation of reality

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Metamorphosis of the City

Christianity, History, Western Christianity

The Conversion of the English

European Union, Orthodox Christianity, Politics, Secularism, Society

Bulgaria: Case-Study in Secularism

Books, European Union, History, Philosophy, Politics

What is the “West?”

Philosophy, Politics, Secularism, Society

Secularism, religion, and the public sphere

Art, Culture

Between East and West, the Spiritual Roots of Europe