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History, Society

A Germanic Europe

Art, History, Western Christianity

Art between Byzantium and Italy

Byzantine empire, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy, Politics

Human dignity in the Byzantine politeia

Culture, Philosophy, Politics, Secularism, Western Christianity

A Secular Age

Byzantine empire, Politics

On Byzantine political theory

Culture, Philosophy

The Good and Beautiful as the essence of Greek thought

Archaeology, History

Colonization vs. colonialism

History, Western Christianity

The first European revolution–II

History, Western Christianity

The first European revolution–I

European Union, Politics

Europe is cultural, not geographical

Culture, History, Philosophy, Secularism

The First Great Divergence

Christianity, Video, Western Christianity

Ancient chants of the Church of Rome

Archaeology, Byzantine empire, History, Science

History knows no boundaries

History, Movies

Columbus’ place in History

European Union, History, Politics

The nation-state as an imagined community–II

European Union, History, Politics

The nation-state as an imagined community

Culture, Society

Culture has not disappeared

European Union, Politics

Regretting the EU’s enlargement?

Secularism, Western Christianity

Christianity without Resurection?

European Union, Politics

A meeting to spread poverty?

Culture, Society

The tenacity of folk lore

Culture, History, Philosophy

The purpose of history

Culture, European Union, History

The invention of Europeaness

Byzantine empire, Music, Video

Byzantine and post-Byzantine music series

Culture, European Union, Society

Basque and the revival of regional languages

Christianity, Culture, Society

Religion, belief, and the Gothic movement.

Archaeology, Art, Culture, Literature

The legacy of Minos

Art, Byzantine empire, Orthodox Christianity

Byzantine art

Archaeology, Byzantine empire, Video

Constantinople’s Hippodrome

History, Philosophy, Politics

Karl Marx today

Archaeology, Art

Roman figurine found in Jerusalem

Art, Culture, Music, Orthodox Christianity, Video

The Passion According to Matthew

Christianity, European Union, Islam, Literature, Politics

The mosque of Notre-Dame

Culture, Philosophy, Politics, Society

The second trial of Socrates

Movies, Video

The life of St. Anthony of Padua

Culture, European Union, Politics

The Euro as symbol of European identity

Culture, European Union

Culture, dead or alive?

Orthodox Christianity, Video

The Holy Mountain: guardian of Tradition

Archaeology, Art, Literature

Greek and Roman world websites

Art, Orthodox Christianity, Western Christianity

Theology in Iconography.

Three Millennia of Greek Literature