What will come out of the meeting of the G-20 taking place? The view of a journalist. Excerpts below.

In the beginning there were the G7, then they became G7 plus one and then it was the G8, G12 and now the G20! The theory was at least the way they present it, to synchronize the markets globally and put some rules, the truth as it came out was to globalize even by force extreme capitalism and by rules they obviously meant to manipulate the markets and especially the weaker ones. The result is obvious now with the G20, they are trying to cover their ass after all the disaster they caused.

I’m sorry if I sound too simplistic but that’s the only way I can see this well advertised meetings of statesmen who try to desperately to avoid their responsibilities and hypocritically not admit that they have been manipulated from short vision and greedy money diggers, period! Now I’m sorry again to point out but what Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico and South Korea have to do with the supposedly major economies just doesn’t make sense! Are Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel and Barrack Obama going to follow Turkey’s example into sorting out financial problems? I mean the countries I just mentioned hold honourable positions for decades in the list of the most corrupted countries to start with! I have the feeling that only Zimbabwe is missing from this honourable list!

There is only one thing these G5, G12 or G20 managed to globalize and I have wrote it many times, they managed to globalize poverty and misery and that, at least for me excuses all the reasoning of all these thousands of people gathering to demonstrate against the G20 in London. These statesmen have the responsibility for what they let happened to the people and they should acknowledge their responsibility and come with solutions and the solutions will never come with drinking tea with Turkey or South Korea and sharing chocolate biscuits.