Was the European Union’s enlargement five years ago to several Eastern European countries a good thing? Not so much, after all, seem to be thinking Western European countries.

This article published in Time emphasizes that the current ‘distrust’ between the new and the old members is temporary and was brought about by the current economic meltdown.

Is the economy the only reason, or are there other, more profound reasons? In any event, it must first and foremost be clear to all members, but in particular those who have recently joined or are in line to join, that the European Union is not a bank or an institution to provide money for all–in particular when these same countries jump to support American foreign policy immediately after joining the EU, regardless of the Union’s interest.

Whether Pole of French, Greek or British, Romanian or Portuguese, we are European, we all partake of a common culture, we all call Europe our home, and therefore those grievances will not separate us dramatically: they are disagreements over the current situations–or so we hope. But we must remember what Europe is.