In the past Europe was the birth place of the so called “Western civilization,” with centuries old creativity and heritage so abundant, that made our continent dominant in most arts. Europe contributed to the global heritage hugely, but now it is merely a follower.

The “Western” culture is today  mainly expressed by the American or Anglophone productions, while the rest of Europe is apparently the consumer of these products with few exceptions. Our ruling elites possibly believe that by “Americanizing” us all, they create a common culture for Europe to help with its unification.

But why don’t we instead of relying on USA to “Westernize” us, promote our own arts and heritage by selling it from one to another? Besides, aren’t we Westerners already? We know more about New York from all the films we are watching, than Warsaw, Prague or Milan for example.Never mind the fact that we do not know much about some of the new EU states that joined recently, or are going to join soon.

European integration should not be just financial or political. If we want to succeed in it, we will also have to invest in culture as well. Culture and heritage is what binds people together, not an economy. We could start watching each others cinema and television programs. Listen to each others music. Organize pan-European art festivals, promoting and investing in art in all EU states.


Excerpts taken from The Eblana European Democratic Movement. (emphasis in bold by Aeneas’ Quest).