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Dionysios Solomos

Solomos poems in English and Greek side by side

Hymn to Liberty, Free Besieged

Solomos Poesie in Lingua Italiana

Solomos, The Shark (Porphyras), with commentary
From Jerome Rothenberg, Jeffrey Robinson: Poems for the Millennium, 3

Solomos books


  1. spiridoula demetriou

    Could anyone please tell me the name of the painting and the name of the artist of the painting of Mesologgi found at the top of the page containing Solomos’ poem ‘The Free Besieged.’

  2. Yiannis

    The painting at Solomos Frie Besieged page, is by the modern Greek painter Sotiris Iosiphidis.

  3. spiridoula demetriou

    Yianni, thanks for answering my question regarding Sotiris Iosiphides art work of Mesologgi.