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Christmas with Rilke

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

[Τὸ ἴδιο κείμενο στὰ ἑλληνικά]– Instead of wishes for these days and the year to come, let me offer you a poem we can read together. Rilke says, as in a warning: Do not wait, God to come to you and / “I exist” to tell you. The recipient of this warning is not necessarily someone who expects the divine visit, but also one who lost even a scant interest and despises faith because supposedly God, if He existed, would show Himself to eliminate surely and simply any denial or hesitation. Theologians say that God respects our freedom and doesn’t want to impose Himself exhibiting His undeniable power. Faith is not the purpose, but the Union with Him, so that, if this Union is impossible, faith has lost the prospect of any meaning.

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  1. Stavros

    Superb post. Thanks for introducing me to Rainer Rilke. Kαλή Χρονιά to you and your family. Best wishes for continued success of your efforts.