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Athena of Velletri


Perseus with the Head of Medusa

Europe - West, Politics

Philippe Nemo and the Western Identity


Aaron Copland, The creator must be instinctive and spontaneous

Europe - West, Politics

K. Bickford, The French Revolution as a reflection of national consciousness


J. Shapiro, Parents need to take responsibility for raising thoughtful children

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D. Trump: Do we believe in our future?

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Aaron Copland, Elements of the Pleasure of Music

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Soft, bland and tasteless thought is required on campus

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Bob Dylan, I return once again to Homer

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Brian Eno: Humanity Starts with Art

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B. Kerstein: Chomsky is a man who dedicated his public life to political evil

Europe - West, Politics

Emmanuel Macron, Sigmar Gabriel: Building the new eurozone architecture

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P. Ibbotson and M. Tomasello on the error of N. Chomsky: The impasse of universal grammar

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Alison Rowan, Understanding authentia in 3 Maccabees 2, 29

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President Barack Obama, A Speech For Democracy

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Macron is right, a more supple EU would be harder to break apart and more viable in the long run

Europe - West, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity

Byzantium invented modern hospitals

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Hannah Arendt, An extraordinary loss of humanity


The secret to thriving students is teachers


Kurt Goedel, a Mathematician in the School of Plato

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Islam did not pass Greek knowledge to the West

Education, Europe - West, Greek Language, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel, A Review

Church of Greece, Europe - West, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity

Was Byzantium Really A Republic?

Europe - West, Greek history, Politics

Learning from the activist Byzantine politics


Replicating game fighting spirit in classroom to motivate students

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How philosophy became irrelevant

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Serious emotional problems in children with same-sex parents

Education, Politics

Children of homosexuals suffer a significant harm


Capturing the brain as it begins to create

Church of Greece, Europe - West, Greek architecture, Greek art, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity

It sounds like there are angels in the buildings

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E. S. Phelps, Greeks need to shed their corporatist values

Europe - West, Greek history, Greek Language

Harry Mount, You study Greek to be yourself and to know yourself

Greek Library, Philosophy

Synesius of Cyrene, On Dreams (Greek Original)

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We can only live in the real world

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Reading in search of a balance between wisdom and impressions

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Lessons from Canada, Children need different-sex parents and society needs real freedom

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Joseph Joubert, To think of God is an act

Greek history, Philosophy, Plato

Joseph Joubert, Plato makes us ready to know all

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Fragment of (maybe) the oldest copy of the Gospel of Mark

Three Millennia of Greek Literature