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Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Saint Paisios the Athonite, As Much As You Can


Steve Wasserman, We need love for difficulty


Helping our children with good reading

Europe - West, Philosophy, Plato, Politics

Martin Luther King: Being in the right direction

Archaeology, Philosophy, Science, Secularism, West

Notes on the Antikythera mechanism and modernity

Education, Europe - West, Orthodox Christianity, Politics

Pope Francis, We need a Europe which contemplates the heavens

Church of Greece, Europe - West, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity

Great Value of the Septuagint Old Testament, by Ephraim of Boston

Philosophy, Plato

John Uebersax, Platonism is about the sacredness of unitive life


In search for beauty and truth

Education, Greek history, Greek Language, Greek Library, Orthodox Christianity

The Septuagint and the Vocabulary of the New Testament

Church of Greece, Education, Greek history, Greek Language

Greek language from the completion of the Septuagint to the New Testament

Philosophy, Politics, West

The West and the march to progress


The Spirit of the Beehive, Life and Death in Childhood

Church of Greece, Cinema, Orthodox Christianity

Elder Paisios the Athonite, a film from Russia


Music and Freedom, an interview with Celibidache

Europe - West, Orthodox Christianity

Florovsky, The Church as Interpreter of Scripture

Europe - West, Politics

Remembering Thatcher

Archaeology, Art, Byzantine empire, Rome, Western Christianity

The ‘Fair Angel’ and the David Plates: Hellenism in Late Antique Art

Christianity, Philosophy, Politics, Western Christianity

St. Augustine’s Political Philosophy

Europe - West, Orthodox Christianity

Who was Meister Eckhart?

Education, Greek Language, Greek Library

Simon Goldhill, The poetic texture of Aeschylus

Education, Greek history, Greek Library

Becoming a Bacchos – A fragment from the Cretans of Euripides

Europe - West, Greek architecture, Greek art, Greek history, Modern literature, Orthodox Christianity

George Bradley, An Arrangement of Sunlight at Hagia Sophia

Church of Greece, Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Greek Language, Greek Library, Orthodox Christianity

Opening the New Testament


Lasch, The Narcissistic Personality of Our Time


Lasch, Narcissism as a Metaphor of the Human Condition


Lasch, Psychology and Sociology


Lasch, Narcissism in Recent Clinical Literature


Lasch, Social Influences on Narcissism


Lasch, The World View of the Resigned


I like Plato

Economics, Philosophy, Politics

Aristotle on economics

Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Gregory of Nyssa’s Commentary on Ecclesiastes

Europe - West, Politics

Only a federal Europe would have enough power to resist destructive economic forces

Europe - West, Politics

Joschka Fischer, Germany is about to destroy Europe a third time

Europe - West

The Warning of Gunter Grass

European Union, Philosophy, Politics

Freedom and European unity

European Union, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy, Politics, Secularism

Giannaras: the Church as new political paradigm

Archaeology, Art, Byzantine empire, History, Other

A representation of Byzantium on a sarcophagus in China?

Culture, Other, Philosophy, Politics

Quotes from King Sejong the Great

Three Millennia of Greek Literature