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What is the problem with the Trinity?

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

Beyond all temporary circumstances that may permit, explain and favour some Christians’ denial of the Holy Trinity, the real roots of it can be found in the paradox, as it seems to be, of a God who is simultaneously One and Three. Common sense can not understand this, nor can it understand why the members of the deity should be only three and not four or five, or two, etc.

The whole problem is caused when we are not in an existential search for God, but in a rational attempt to comprehend/invent a theory. How do I know that? Because, if a person is in a real search for Him, God is obliged to help this person and to reveal Himself in this person. The same happens in the secondary dimension, in cultural traditions.

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  1. david lee parker

    “But all of these things are closed in a darkness, away from impious people.” –My last comment of the day, promise. I love this sentence. If God could be proven by, say, a logical proof, He would be God only of logicians. God however is equally accessible to the normal, the autistic (like me), the mentally retarded (hope that’s not too un-PC); the last words Alzheimer’s victims often remember are the words of the Our Father: no human is as democratic as God.