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Manuel II Palaeologus

Manuel II Palaeologus: The virtue of a king (Bilingual – Greek / English – excerpts from Manuel’s precepts, selected and translated by Elpenor) 

Manuel II Palaeologus, by Wilhelm Baum (De Imperatoribus Romanis) 

Coinage of Manuel II Palaeologus 

Was the battle of Ankara the last chance for the Byzantine Empire? 

The pedigree of Zoe-Sophia Palaeologus 

Typikon of Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos for the Monasteries of Mount Athos (pdf / 61k)  

Orthodox view on Islam in the context of the Ottoman conquest and rule during the 14th-15th century 

The Islamic View of Late Byzantium, by Nadia Maria El-Cheikh 

Constantinople on the web 

 Extensive comments on Pope Benedict’s speech on faith, reason and the university

Migne Patrologia Graeca

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  1. Robert

    This emperor alone suffices to explain Byzantium’s glory, so much admired by Yeats, Runciman and others. I wish our politicians today had half of the half of Manuel Palaeologus’ mind.