406, they passed the Rhine at Ments, and spread themselves into Germania prima and the adjacent regions; and amongst other actions the Vandals took Triers. Then they advanced into Belgium, and began to waste that country. Whereupon the Salian Franks in Brabant took up arms, and under the conduct of Theudomir, the son of Ricimer, or Richomer, abovementioned, made so stout a resistance, that they slew almost twenty thousand of the Vandals, with their King Godegesilus, in battle; the rest escaping only by a party of Resplendial’s Alans which came timely to their assistance.

Then the British soldiers, alarmed by the rumor of these things, revolted, and set up Tyrants there; first Marcus, whom they slew presently; then Gratian, whom they slew within four months; and lastly Constantine, under whom they invaded Gallia A.C. 408, being favored by Goar and Gundicar.

And Constantine having possessed a good part of Gallia, created his son Constans Caesar, and sent him into Spain to order his affairs there, A.D.


In the mean time Resplendial, seeing the aforesaid disaster of the Vandals, and that Goar was gone over to the Romans, led his army from the Rhine; and, together with the Suevians and residue of the Vandals, went towards Spain; the Franks in the mean time prosecuting their victory so far as to retake Triers, which after they had plundered they left to the Romans. The Barbarians were first stopped by the Pyrenean mountains, which made them spread themselves into Aquitaine; but the next year they had the passage betrayed by some soldiers of Constans; and entering Spain 4 Kal.

Octob. A.C. 409, they conquered every one what he could; and at length, A.C. 411, divided their conquests by lot; the Vandals obtained Boetica, and part of Gallaecia; the Suevians the rest of Gallaecia; and the Alans Lusitania and the Carthaginian Province: the Emperor for the sake of peace confirming them in those seats by grant A.C. 413.