XXXV. (2.234) Moses therefore describes the perfect man as being neither God nor man, but, as I said before, something on the border between uncreated and the perishable nature. Again, he classes him who is improving and advancing towards perfection in the region between the dead and the living, meaning by the “living” those persons who dwell with wisdom, and by “the dead” those who rejoice in folly; (2.235) for it is said with respect to Aaron, that “He stood between the dead and the living, and the plague was Stayed.”{105}{#nu 16:48.} For he who is making progress is not reckoned among those who are dead as to the life of virtue, inasmuch as he has a desire and admiration of what is honourable, nor among those who are living in extreme and perfect prosperity, for there is still something wanting to the end, but he touches both extremes; (2.236) on which account the expression, “the plague was stayed,” is very properly used rather than “the plague ceased;” for in those who are perfect the things which break, and crush, and destroy the soul cease; but in those who are advancing towards perfection, they are only diminished, as if they were only cut short and checked.