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statement, including three major Christological titles and implying some actions of Jesus, reveals not only one of the earliest formulations of Christ’s nature, but also conveys an apologetic motif in relating all this theology to the vindication provided by Jesus’ resurrection (cf. Acts 2:22f.).

Another early creed which links the resurrection with the person and claims of Jesus is Romans 10:9–10.^41 In this passage, belief in this historical event is connected with confessing that Jesus is Lord. As a result one’s salvation is secure.^42 Earlier it was pointed out that this may actually be a baptismal creed, whereby the candidate announced his belief in (and allegiance to) Jesus Christ.

Lastly, some creeds also confess Jesus’ ascension to heaven and his resulting exaltation. Two examples of such early creeds were mentioned earlier with regard to the life of Jesus. In 1 Timothy 3:16, it is proclaimed that, after his incarnation, Jesus was “taken up in glory.” In Philippians 2:6f. it is related that after Jesus humbled himself as a man, he was highly exalted and is to be worshiped by all persons (2:9– 11).^43 This latter passage is taken from Isaiah 45:23 where God the Father is receiving such praise and glory.

Before proceeding to the extended examination of 1 Corinthians 15:3ff. it will be advantageous to briefly summarize the facts reported in various other creeds concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus. A few earlier events of Jesus’ life are mentioned, all from the creeds in Acts: (6)Jesus was born in the lineage of David (13:23; also Rom. 1:3; 2 Tim. 2:8), and (7)came from the town of Nazareth (2:22; 4:10; 5:38). (8)John preceded Jesus’ ministry (10:37; 13:24–25), (9)which began in Galilee, (10)afterwards expanding throughout Judea (10:37). (11)Jesus performed miracles (2:22; 10:38) and (12)fulfilled numerous Old Testament prophecies (2:25– 31; 3:21–25; 4:11; 10:43; 13:27–37).