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A different view of the Beast

Those who suffered the German horror of World War II, perhaps would not have the disposition to use the symbol of this horror, Hitler, for fun. The rest of us, at least some of us, allow even this, especially when it is tasteful.

In the movie below, Stavros, from a blog I mention very often, My Greek Odyssey, used an excerpt of the “Untergang”, a film about Hitler, to satirize the recent talk on the financial crisis of Greece. The result is an inspired piece of work, you will enjoy.

Do NOT start playing the movie by hitting the button at the left bottom corner of the player. Instead, wait a while and hit the large Green “Play” button at the center of the screen, otherwise this button may not disappear when the movie starts!

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  1. Auto

    Brilliant! I agree that Hitler and the Nazis are not normally a good source for humor. But here, where they are held up to ridicule, is a deft touch.
    I thought it was hysterical; and I’m not even Greek.
    Thanks for posting.