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Christianity, Philo

Philo, On the Incorruptibility of the World

Christianity, Philo

Philo, On the Account of the Creation of the World as Given by Moses

Christianity, Philo

Preface to the Collected Works of Philo

Christianity, Orthodox Christianity

Andrey Rublev, The Man of Matthew

Greek art, Greek Culture, Greek Library, Greek Poetry

Achilles sacrificing to Zeus (illuminated manuscript)

Europe - West

Scarborough Castle

Art, Greek art

Athena of Velletri


Perseus with the Head of Medusa

Europe - West, Politics

Philippe Nemo and the Western Identity


Aaron Copland, The creator must be instinctive and spontaneous

Europe - West, Politics

K. Bickford, The French Revolution as a reflection of national consciousness


J. Shapiro, Parents need to take responsibility for raising thoughtful children

Education, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

D. Trump: Do we believe in our future?

Art, Education, Europe - West

Aaron Copland, Elements of the Pleasure of Music

Education, Europe - West, News, Politics

Soft, bland and tasteless thought is required on campus

Education, Europe - West, Greek art, Greek history, Philosophy

Bob Dylan, I return once again to Homer

Education, Philosophy

Brian Eno: Humanity Starts with Art

Europe - West, Politics

Emmanuel Macron, Sigmar Gabriel: Building the new eurozone architecture

Education, Europe - West, Politics

B. Kerstein: Chomsky is a man who dedicated his public life to political evil

Education, Philosophy

P. Ibbotson and M. Tomasello on the error of N. Chomsky: The impasse of universal grammar

Christianity, Studies

In The Belly Of The Whale: Why Miracles Are Possible

Education, Greek Language, Greek Library

Alison Rowan, Understanding authentia in 3 Maccabees 2, 29

Christianity, Joyce, Literature

James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – Fifth Chapter

Christianity, History of Christian Thought, Studies, Tillich

Paul Tillich, The Readiness of the Ancient World to Receive Christianity

Christianity, History of Christian Thought, Studies, Tillich

Paul Tillich, Dionysius the Areopagite

Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Politics

President Barack Obama, A Speech For Democracy

Christianity, History of Christian Thought, Studies, Tillich

Paul Tillich: Zwingli and Luther, Calvin, Predestination and Providence, Capitalism, Church and State

Christianity, Eliot, Literature

Eliot Four Quartets: Little Gidding

Christianity, Studies

Reconciliation, Atonement, and Judgment

Christianity, Pascal, Studies

Pascal on personal property

Christianity, History of Christian Thought, Studies, Tillich

Paul Tillich, Protestant Orthodoxy, Pietism

Christianity, Studies

From Logos To Cosmos: Christianity And The Invention Of Invention

Christianity, Habermas, Life of Jesus, Studies

The New Gnosticism

Christianity, Studies

Will Durant, The Growth of the Church: A.D. 96-305

Three Millennia of Greek Literature