Greek European Culture

Christianity, Church of Greece, Orthodox Christianity

Alexander Schmemann, The basic defect of modern Orthodox theology

Christianity, Orthodox Christianity

Fr Zacharias, We must see the goodness of God in the coronavirus pandemic

Europe - West, Politics

L. Rouanet, Europeans need to escape the arbitrary restrictions of their governments

Christianity, Europe - West

The Two Popes as extremely dangerous propaganda

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

Europe is in the process of committing suicide

Art, Christianity, Greek art, Greek Culture, Orthodox Christianity

Icons of the Christ

Europe - West

H.-H. Hoppe, Progress needs freedom and creativity

Greek Culture, Greek Language, Greek Library

Greek New Testament manuscript, British Library

Education, Europe - West

A. Bernstein, The bitter truth about the American educational establishment

Greek architecture, Greek history

Athens Acropolis in 1908


Owl of Picasso


Bill Warner Masterclass, The Nature of islam – A Totalitarian Ideology

Christianity, Greek Library

Differences between the Septuagint and the MT versions of Jeremiah

Art, Europe - West

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (Lyrics)


Dorothy Sayers, The sole true end of education

Education, Europe - West, Politics

Listening to Thomas Sowell

Blog Picks, Pop music

Elvis, Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix and Lennon, if they had lived more

Europe - West, Greek Culture, Greek history, Politics

F. Hayek, Roots of modern liberty in ancient Greece

Education, Europe - West, Politics

The life of Karl Marx as an origin of Marxism

Europe - West, Politics

Social democracy as neo-Marxism is a source of severe corruption

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

Vaclav Smil, Europe may end as just the museum of the world

Education, Europe - West

Chopin bursting through the fetters of the eighteenth-century fortepiano

Europe - West

J. Schumpeter, Scholastic Universalism as opposed to Individualism

Europe - West, Studies

J. Schumpeter, Feudalism and Scholasticism


C. Martinkus, On the variation practice in Schubert sonatas

Education, Europe - West, Philosophy

The reality of the tenses

Education, Philosophy

Consequences of language ability for religious and spiritual development


A self-emptying God as explanation for the creation and evolution of the universe


Incarnation in the age of evolutionary science


Theological aspects of modern geometry

Christianity, Education

Some theological issues raised by genetics

Christianity, Greek history, Greek Library, Greek Religion, Orthodox Christianity

Meaning of Genesis 1: 1-2 in its Hebrew and Greek (Septuagint) form


What is the meaning of Beauty?

Europe - West

Steven Pinker, The European Homicide Decline

Modern literature, Pasternak, Politics

Isaiah Berlin on Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago


Isaiah Berlin, The Leftist Education

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