Watching again some documentaries about Germany, made the question return, how was it possible for a country with not an insignificant culture, to express a soul that even beasts don’t have…

A beast will kill in order to eat, or because of being afraid. There is no beast that would slaughter babies and their mothers for no reason at all, laughing over their dead bodies.

We know all of this, we know about the camps of mass murdering, we know it all, but every time I remember again, the same question keeps arrising – how was it possible?

To blame Hitler is irrelevant, because Hitler did not commit all those beastly things, he just ordered them, and simple people, everyday people, executed the order – with an evil, demonic, pleasure, even more horrible than the acts themselves.

Greek people who were alive during that time speak about it with horror, and they confess that, even today, when they see a German, usually some tourist, they can’t help feeling again like being in front of a beast…

German concentration camp of Mauthausen – Background Music: 1. Asma Asmaton (Song of Songs) 2. Otan Teliossi O Polemos (When the war is over). Composition: Mikis Theodorakis, Singer: Maria Farandouri

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