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Tendencies – Chinese tyranny

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Is Chinese capitalism a different style? Capitalism is doomed when not supported by a liberal mentality, an all-questioning spirit and limitless risk. To the degree that China is westernised, communism will collapse along with all spiritual traditions. A rediscovery of traditions is more probable in far eastern countries than in the West, because these countries follow by imitation and will to power contrary to their traditions and not because of them.

Omni-potence and Omni-science, two of God’s properties, under a certain interpetation of Christianity by the western churches became prominent, and then prevailed in the life of the Western individual. In any case, freedom is priceless and not negotiable. Whether after a faceless market-life, or after the rediscovery of themselves, Chinese now need freedom more than anything else.

The foolishness of the current regime, thinking that a market-life can sustain if it becomes just that and nothing else, is revealed in persecutions of free thinking. Huang Feng, editor of the magazine Tendency, who was inprisoned and tortured, writes:

“My crime was literature. Accurately speaking, it was the crime of publishing literature. … And the crime of my younger brother Huang Feng was merely informing and confirming my arrest and detention to the outside world. … In the detention center, I was beaten, discriminated against and forced to work, and my human dignity was denigrated, it was absolutely appalling. But being inside, you have to learn to accept all the violence as routine. Nearly all the violence took place inside the prison cell, initiated and tacitly agreed upon by the cell boss (officially called the “provisional cell attendant”), and physically executed exclusively by several thugs.

“As far as my arrest and detention is concerned, I refused to be categorized as being there for political reasons. My crime was literature, and the freedom of publishing literature, and I do not see that as a political activity. Any attempt to categorize the punishment I received in China or freedom of publishing literature as political will inevitably weaken the already weak voice of literature in that part of the world where politicization penetrates into virtually all facets of life. I profoundly detest authoritarian systems, and I also detest politicization. Tyranny is the natural enemy of literature and my case is the proof.

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