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USA – Destined to Chaos?

Sometimes I wonder how comes and obvious realities are not recognised. According to the government of the USA, the diplomatic fight of Greece against Fyrom is “stupid”. In Fyrom they see a small and poor country, nothing to alarm Greece. They are not able to understand that language is in danger, meaning is in danger. No need to know Orwell or study Thucydides – even if they were able to understand the Matrix movies!, all those politicians who laugh at this fight, they would see what the problem is. In a world where one picks a name at will out of nothing, there is no world anymore, there is chaos. Chaos is eating the USA already, at least the USA should be able to understand what Chaos ‘means’.

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  1. Sylvain

    It seems that the West has always had such scornful and condescending behavior towards the Greeks. Just a few weeks ago, I was reading that the Dutch representative wondered on what grounds FYROM would be denied entry into NATO on the simple assumption of a name. If name does not matter to him, then, why not change the name of Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia to that of Republic of Carelia?

  2. Dear Sylvain,

    Just imagine governments that (supposedly) fight terrorism, by organising expeditions and sending troops even without the consensus of their peoples, how blind they must be, failing to recognize that, if we create a ‘world’ without meaning no battle can have meaning.

    Our civilization is a civilization of thinking and dialogue, which means that we need the best possible care for language. The geniuses that govern us are not able to understand even this. How intelligent they are is evident from other things too. They create wars to steal oil, and they manage instead to ruin their economy! Lack of consistency and an always increasing hypocrisy can not promote thinking and dialogue, because this is their enemy – our civilization is the greatest enemy of our governments. Therefore, the first they want to destroy, is language.

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