By Ellopos Blog

Imagine a person who doesn’t believe in studying, yet looking forward to visiting the libraries, or a person who thinks that the movies do not offer what they promise, entertainment or whatever, imagine this person to say that he looks forward to see the movies! This is Gorbachev. Answering to journalists, who thought of him being a Christian, said that he was and remains an atheist, but he looks forward to visiting the churches, synagogues and mosques around the world!

Even if he sees the churches as just monuments or museums, I wonder how can he “look forward” to visit monuments and museums of deception, how can he even say that religions play an important role in society, and not a dangerous and catastrophic one, spreading deception? Was he willing to be polite, not to offend believers? Is this the reason, furthermore, to include many religions in his imaginary trip. And why not Buddhist temples, too, or Hinduist? I don’t know. It seems that politeness is too complex for me to understand. I can’t understand how and why it is polite to tell the others that you appreciate and admire them for being deceived!

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