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Art collectors show great interest for Greek painters

By Ellopos Blog

Art collectors from all over the world have shown great interest in an auction concerning works by modern Greek painters, that was carried out by the Sotheby’s firm. The total amount gathered by the auction was 7,300,000 euros, two million more than Sotheby’s initial assessments, according to its representative Constantine Frangos. 

The most expensive work by a Greek painter emerged on Wednesday and is the work by 19th century painter Nikiforos Lytras on the theme of “Glenti sta Megara” (feast in the town of Megara). It was purchased by a private collector who wishes to keep his anonymity for now. Two works by Nikolaos Gyzis (also a 19th century painter) were sold at 950,000 and 550,000 euros. Experts were surprised by the price paid for a work by Konstantinos Parthenis (early 20th century). The private collector who purchased the work paid 674,517 euros, an amount that sets a record for this painter.  “It is now a fact that Greek painters are rising continuously at the international art exchange,” Frangos said.

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  1. Rita Sheehan

    I have a scanned image of an oil painting of The Pathenon. I can not read the artists name. Is there someone I can send the picture to help with the name.

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