XXXIII. (134) But the most correct example of what has been said, is afforded by the sons of Leah, that is of virtue, not all her sons, but the fourth and fifth; for with respect to the fourth, Moses says that, then she ceased to bring forth, {27}{#ge 29:35.} and his name was called Judah, which, being interpreted, is “confession to the Lord,” and the fifth she called Issachar, and the name being interpreted, means “reward;” and after she had brought forth in this manner, the soul immediately spoke and related what it had suffered; for says Moses, “She called his name Issachar, which means Reward.”{28}{#ge 30:18.} (135) Therefore Judas, the mind which blesses God, and which is without ceasing, devoted to pouring forth hymns of praise and gratitude to him, is himself in truth “the holy and praiseworthy Fruit,”{29}{#le 19:24.} being produced not by the trees of the earth but by a rational and virtuous nature. In reference to which, the nature which brought him forth is said to have desisted from bringing forth, since she knew not which way to turn, when she had come to the limit of perfection; for of all successful actions which are brought forth, the best and most perfect production is a hymn to the Father of the universe; (136) and the fifth son is in no respect different from the enjoyment of the trees planted in the fifth year; for the tiller of the earth after a fashion takes his reward from the trees in the fifth year, and he takes the offspring of the soul, Issachar, who was called the “reward,” and very naturally, being brought forth after the grateful Judah; for to a grateful person gratitude is a most sufficient reward. (137) Therefore, the fruits of the trees are called the produce of the owners of the trees; but the fruit of instruction and wisdom is no longer the produce of man, but as Moses says, “of the universal Governor alone;” for after he has spoken of his produce, he adds, “I am the Lord your God,” asserting most distinctly that there is one God, whose fruit is the produce of the soul. (138) And with this assertion, this oracle delivered by one of the prophets is consistent, “Fruit from me has been found by you. What wise man will understand this? Will any intelligent person comprehend It?”{30}{#ho 14:9.} For it does not belong to every one, but only to the wise man, to understand whose the fruit of the mind is.