By Ch. D. Yonge


On the Account of the Creation of the World as Given by Moses

On the Incorruptibility of the World

Solutions to Questions Which Arise in Genesis: First Part, Second Part, Third Part

On The Allegories of the Sacred Laws: First Part, Second Part, Third Part

On the Unchangeableness of God

On Providence

On the Contemplative Life or Suppliants

On the Cherubim and On the Flaming Sword and On the First-Born Child of Man, Cain

The Special Laws: First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part

On the Life of Moses: First Part, Second Part

On the Ten Commandments, Which Are the Heads of the Law

On Three Virtues: On Courage, Humanity, and Repentance

That Every Man Who is Virtuous is Also Free

On the Virtues and on the Office of Ambassadors, Addressed to Gaius

On the Tilling of the Earth by Noah

On the Planting of Noah: Second Part

On Drunkenness

On the Words that Noah Uttered When He Awoke from His Wine, or On Sobriety

On the Confusion of Languages

On Rewards and Punishments

On the Life of the Wise Man Made Perfect by Instruction or, On the Unwritten Law, On Abraham

On the Migration of Abraham

On the Sacrifices of Abel and Cain

On the Posterity of Cain and on the Way in Which Cain Became an Exile

That the Worse is Accustomed to be Always Plotting Against the Better

On the Giants

Who is the Heir of Divine Things?

On the Meeting for the Sake of Seeking Instruction

On Fugitives

Why Certain Names in the Holy Scripture Are Changed

That Dreams Are Sent from God

On the Life of a Man Occupied with Affairs of State, or On Joseph


Hypothetica: Apology for the Jews

Appendix 1: Concerning the World

Appendix 2: Fragments

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