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The stolen sculptures and the English people

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

I wouldn’t be writing this post if I had not read some unfair, as I understand it, criticism of the English government/people/museum on the occasion of the new Acropolis museum in Greece and the right demand for the stolen marbles to be returned to where they belong.

That the Acropolis sculptures are stolen I think is beyond doubt. Even if the Ottomans gave their permission (which is doubtful), even then they are stolen, because the thieves asked for permission someone who didn’t have the right to give a permission. Ottomans were an occupation force in Greece. If the German army in the 2nd World War gave someone a permission to take away French monuments, would this permission be valid, would not such a removal be a theft?


  1. Theodore Nikolopoulos

    And in a mutual spirit of brotherhood – would the Queen of England restrain her navy should Greece find in Shakespeare original works, worthy enough – in the spirit of world culture, a loot to decorate Greece’s museums of European medieval history?

  2. Les

    I feel sure she would restrain her navy, although I’m sure she would be as hacked off at the “theft”.
    Speaking as a British (not English, please note) person I personally think the Marbles should be returned. I also think that this is probably a consensus of the British people, but, I’m not so sure about the trustees of the British Museum.