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Paul Tillich, The Readiness of the Ancient World to Receive Christianity

Kierkegaard, Faith is a miracle, and yet no man is excluded from it – Fear and Trembling Ch III

Harry Mount, You study Greek to be yourself and to know yourself

George Bradley, An Arrangement of Sunlight at Hagia Sophia

Adam Drozdek, The Milesians

Philip Freeman on Alexander the Great

Oscar Wilde as a Classicist

Evelyn-White, The Ionic School of Epic poetry

Greece Becomes A Roman Province

The stolen sculptures and the English people

Scholars against the fabrication of history

Demetrius and the Athenians

Demetrius defeats Cassander

Phocion, the Last of the Athenians

Death of Demosthenes

Return to Babylon

Alexander defeats Porus

Mistakes of Alexander

Alexander at Jerusalem

Alexander at Tyre

Alexander nearly loses his life

Alexander and the Gordian Knot

Alexander and Aristotle

Philip Unites Greece

Dion and Dionysius invite Plato

Agesilaus in Asia

The Retreat of the Ten Thousand

The Defeat of Cyrus

Greek Colonies in Italy

Youth of Alcibiades


Cimon and Pericles

Cimon Improves Athens

Aristides the Just and the Athenian unkindness

Themistocles in Persia

The Rebuilding of Athens

Ephialtes and the Death of Leonidas

Bultman and the ungratefulness of ancient Greeks

Two Noble Spartan Youths

The Battle of Marathon

Three Millennia of Greek Literature