The Readiness of the Ancient World to Receive Christianity

Intertestamental Period

Apostolic Fathers: Clement. Ignatius.

The Apologetic Movement. Celsus, Justin Martyr.

Logos and the Doctrine of God. Gnosticism. Marcion.

Irenaeus, Tertullian, and Hippolytus.

Covenants, Church Fathers.

Neo-Platonism: Plotinus. Clement of Alexandria. Origen.

The Theology of Origen

Monarchianism. Sabellius. The Arian Controversy. Nicaea.

Athanasius, Marcellus, Gregory of Nyssa, Basil, John of Damascus.

School of Antioch. Theodor of Mopsuestia. Apollinarius. Nestorius. Cyril. Chalcedon.