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St Seraphim of Sarov in Greece

This is something I wouldn’t like to end, since, if it does, the whole life in Greece will have changed for the worse. A few days ago Greece received the relics of St Seraphim of Sarov – and it was Greece that received them, not just the clergy of the Greek church. In the ceremony of reception there was the Greek Navy, representatives from the Government, local officials, Greek and Russian monks and bishops, and of course hundreds of faithful people.

Greece receives the relics of St Seraphim of Sarov


  1. George Trialonis

    We can’t rely on relics anymore; we’ve grown up. People need knowledge, not faith which is blind and a means for manipulating people.

  2. Night Traveler

    I can’t understand your comment. When did that happen and your contact with a saint had the impact of obliging you to anything? Where did you see anybody coercing, fooling or forcing anyone to venerate those relics? It’s a natural out-flow of love for a saint who was full of love himself. What is in the world more valuable than love? If there is I’d like to know what it is. Knowledge doesn’t lead to love.

    I’ m one in the crowd who came out to venerate the saint. Amongst them, there where scientists, educators, professors, musicians, doctors, artists, people who have more than the knowledge you are talking about. I’d rather be blind and love than having sight and knowledge and hate.

  3. Vasiliki, Melbourne Australia

    1. I was fortunate to be in Athens whilst the Saints relics where there. It was a wonderful experience.
    2. I agree with Night Traveler’s comments.

    (apology) Modern man thinks he is above God … this is why in the last 50 years there is an overwhelming and dominating trend/attitude that is shared by people like George Trialonis; and that is that man’s knowledge is enough.

    … How foolish!

    Wisdom, is higher than the intellect and does not come through knowledge. Wisdom gives birth to humility, faith, hope and love … and with it a noetic connection between the mind of man to his very own heart …

    I liked one of the articles I read earlier on this site … it said that reading from a computer screen could never take the place of reading a book. That is because your head is bowed down … your hands touch the material containing what you read … what he was ssaying is that all your senses are involved and your intellect bows in humility to the art of reading … very deep …. a wonderful and beautiful image one that marries greatly with nyptic theology, where we are taught that through prayer we can attain the humility of the mind so that it reaches down and unites with our heart so that it can create a ‘home’ that invites God to dwell in … wow! A HOME FOR GOD … a HOME made of WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE and EMOTIONS ….

    I love Dr. Phil McGraw who says that not many people put much emphasis into EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and yet … it is equally if not more important to ACADEMIC INTELLIGENCE.

    I pray we all achieve such heights! I aspire to this each and every day of my life ….. God Bless you all … let us continue to enjoy the relics of our Saints … I would much rather die believing in this and finding it to be true than not believing in it and finding out it was true.