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President Barack Obama, A Speech For Democracy

Education, Europe - West, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Islam did not pass Greek knowledge to the West

Education, Europe - West, Greek Language, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel, A Review


Thanos Tzimeros, A Speech to the British Parliament about Greece

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E. S. Phelps, Greeks need to shed their corporatist values

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The Septuagint and the Vocabulary of the New Testament

Greek history, Orthodox Christianity

A Journey by Stavro Nashi

Europe - West

The Warning of Gunter Grass

Greek Poetry

Evelyn-White, On The Homeric Hymns

Greek history

The Achaean League

Orthodox Christianity

St Seraphim of Sarov in Greece

Greek history, Politics

The cardinal merit of the Ancient Greek political thinkers

Greek art

What does it take to be a good photographer?


Fyrom: a trouble to all of its neighbors

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Why only Turks learn Turkish

Europe - West, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity, Politics

The Fall of Byzantium, II – The Fall Explained

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What is happening to our children?

Three Millennia of Greek Literature