(6) What is the meaning of a door in the side: for he says, “Thou shalt make a door in the side?” (#Ge 6:16). That door in the side very plainly betokens a human building, which he has becomingly indicated by calling it, “in the side,” by which door all the excrements of dung are cast out. In truth, as Socrates says, whether because he learnt it from Moses or because he was influenced by the facts themselves, the Creator, having due regard to the decency of our body, has placed the exit and passage of the different ducts of the body back out of the reach of the sense, in order that while getting rid of the fetid portions of bile, we might not be disgusted by beholding the full appearance of our excrements. Therefore he has surrounded that passage by the back and posteriors, which project out like hills, as also the buttocks are made soft for other objects.