Thaddeus of Serbia

— Spiritual life is noetic life, which is higher than all the desires and feelings of this world.

— Communion with God is the normal spiritual state.

— The first step to communion with God is to give ourselves up to God completely.

— A soul which has given itself up to God’s will does not fear anything and is not troubled by anything.

— As well as keeping peace in your heart, practice standing before the Lord. This means constantly keeping in mind the fact that the Lord is looking at us.

— The mind, the will and the heart are at one among the enlightened, but among the unenlightened they are most often divided and many human misfortunes result from this.

— The pure heart will see God but the impure will feel shame to eternity.

— The Lord looks into our hearts and when we turn to Him from the heart, He immediately consoles us.

— There is no such thing as an unforgivable sin except for an unrepentant for sin.

— The sign that a sin has been forgiven is if the sin is repeated and there is still peace in the soul.

— The thoughts that we give ourselves up to define our life.

— Even the slightest thought that is not founded on love destroys peace.

— Cease to think evil of your superiors or colleagues at work, change your evil thoughts to good ones and you will see how the behaviour of your one time ‘enemies’ will change.

— Just as even a tiny speck of dust which has got into your eye can stop you seeing, so also a small care about some irrelevant matter can stop you praying.

— To pray is to draw energy from the Source of life.

— Humility is a Divine characteristic. Where there is humility, whether in the family or in society, it always spreads Divine peace and joy.

— He who is humble is utterly content with what God has given him and he is happy at heart. Such people feel sorry for those who do not want or do not know how to amend their lives.