Everywhere one can be sanctified. Even in the center of a town he can be sanctified, if he wants it. In your work, whatever that might be, you can become holy. With gentleness , patience, love.

St Porphyry of Kausokalyvia Every day decide and renew your order, your mood, with enthusiasm and love, prayer and silence. Do not suffer from stress, do not make your chest feel pain.

For example, you may be assigned tasks beyond the limits of your duties. It is not right to react or become angry and complain. These disturbances damage a person. Consider everything as an opportunity for you to become holy…

Work and prayer are not strange with each other. Working does not prevent prayer, on the contrary it strengthens the prayer and improves it. It is a matter of love.

Work indeed is like prayer, like penance and correction of the spirit. Work is a blessing. That’s why we see that Christ invited His disciples and also His prophets while they were working, for example, when someone was fishing or was tending his sheep…

I worked in everything diligently and without objections. Did I suffer any damage?

Work in vigilance, simply, gently, without anxiety, with joy and delight, with a glad mood. Then comes the Divine Grace…

Have your eyes to the light, to Christ… Be in everything free from anxiety, don’t be sad, don’t press yourself, don’t stress yourself. There is no need to strive and stress yourself.

Selected and translated by ELLOPOS. Read this, and even more by elder Porphyrios (in Greek).