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I. The Difference Between God’s Sacrifice and Man’s

II. The Great Sacrificial Work Is To Reconcile

III. Reconciliation: Philosophic and Christian

IV. Reconciliation, Atonement, and Judgment

V. The Cross The Great Confessional

VI. The Precise Problem Today

VII. The Threefold Cord


These chapters need to have it said that they were given as extempore lectures from rough notes to a gathering, largely of young ministers, in connection with Rev. Dr. Campbell Morgan’s annual conference at Mundesley, Norfolk. They were taken down in shorthand and then carefully revised. They took place in July, 1909, immediately after the delivery of my Congregational Lecture on the Person and Place of Christ, which they supplement – especially when taken with my Cruciality of the Cross a few months before. It will be seen from the conditions that the book cannot pretend to be more than a higher kind of popularisation, though this is less true of the two last chapters, which have been more worked over. The style approaches in parts a conversational familiarity which would have been out of place in addressing theological experts. And as some of the ideas are unfamiliar I have not been too careful to avoid repetition.