— Here on earth we frequently experience many misfortunes and hardships, but all of these are because we have not humbled ourselves.

— Sometimes the Lord reveals to us in our thoughts the answers to various questions and mysteries, but sometimes He is silent, so that we might turn to others for advice and so become humble.

— We can find something edifying in everybody’s life. Even the worst thief has something good in him.

— Life here on earth is unceasing physical and spiritual warfare.

— Divine life cannot bear selfishness.

— When you find a soul akin to your own, stay with it, for it is a great joy to make friends with those who think alike.

— Today all civilization is directed towards distracting the attention of people, especially of the young, from themselves, from the self, from looking inside, into the heart.

— The world is ever more sunk into sin and evil and confuses love and passion, yet love and passion have nothing in common. Love is God and passion is what comes from evil spirits.

— We scorn our politicians who are in power, yet they are our children. We were the ones who were wrong before them, for we set them living examples which they could only equal.

— There are no atheists! They do not exist. Even the enemy believes and trembles, only he does not do good.

— 50 years of Communism have caused us far more evil than 500 years of the Turkish yoke. Communism removed people from God.

— We suffer because our thoughts and desires are evil. We are ourselves the cause of our sufferings, for there is no repentance among our people. There is repentance neither among believers, nor among unbelievers.

— Grace is Divine strength which is active everywhere, but especially in the souls of those who seek the source of life, who seek God.