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Europe - West, Greek Culture, Greek history, Politics

F. Hayek, Roots of modern liberty in ancient Greece


What is the meaning of Beauty?

Christianity, Studies

Toynbee, Christianity is the purpose of all civilizations and the culmination of all religions


Kurt Goedel, a Mathematician in the School of Plato

Christianity, History of Christian Thought, Studies, Tillich

Paul Tillich, Neo-Platonism: Plotinus, Clement of Alexandria, Origen

Greek history, Philosophy, Plato

Joseph Joubert, Plato makes us ready to know all

Education, Europe - West, Orthodox Christianity, Politics

Pope Francis, We need a Europe which contemplates the heavens


I like Plato


Adluri on Parmenides and the Transcendence

Greek Language, Modern literature

Oscar Wilde as a Classicist

Greek history, Orthodox Christianity, Philosophy

The problem of Theodicy again

Europe - West

When will Europe be United?

Greek history

Civil War in Syracuse

Greek history

Dion and Dionysius invite Plato

Greek history


Greek Language

Jean Humbert, On the dual number

Modern literature

Julia Hulsmann, Emily Dickinson and Plato

Greek Language, Philosophy, Plato

Eros and Agape: Can we know what love is?

Greek Library, Orthodox Christianity, Plato

Athanasius the Great: The Lord came not to make a display

Greek art, Greek history, Greek Language, Orthodox Christianity

Byzantine language, society and creativity

Greek Library, Philosophy


Greek Library, Plato


Greek Library, Philosophy


Three Millennia of Greek Literature