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When will Europe be United?

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

The present financial crisis gives us a chance to watch in action characteristically, what may seem a temporary weakness of the European peoples to unite. The decision itself for their Union and the world conditions point to the relevant course as useful and desirable – but, is a Union even possible?

The nature of the European ‘Union’ as an economical and preventing-possible-European-wars cooperation, does not allow any optimism at all. There exist in most member states politicians with feelings of solidarity, even with awareness of an urgent need for being united, all this in vain, since the European ‘Union’ comes forth as a formation essentially of the Soviet-type, a crude will to power.

In the Soviet case they had to resort even to pan-slavism, in a desperate effort for the lifeless to gain a semblance of life. In Europe even this is not possible – rather the opposite: radical differences of the past and of the nature of the European peoples will promote nationalism, racism, etc., until the ‘Union’ will be dissolved, perhaps in conflicts and the creation of narrower formations.

We are thinking about the Islamic problem of Europe, having underestimated the fact that before that we ourselves are a problem for each other, regardless of Islam. Calmly, coldly, reading the facts, we understand that it doesn’t have sufficient importance if the French read Goethe or the Germans Flaubert, since the poets and philosophers of Europe, when they did not systematically undermine, usually they did not wish for, and, at any rate, they failed to increase, the religious awareness of the very people who speak the same language with them. Really, do we think that a European Union can exist independently of any religious life and refusing the Christian faith – the very foundation of all European cultures?

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  1. Raju NV

    Very Good. Rely on the power of God to revive Faith. Remember Deuteronomy 28. We must learn from the Bible that a people called to Glorify God will perish when they forget God.