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Europe - West, Islam, Politics

Vaclav Smil, Europe may end as just the museum of the world

Education, Europe - West, Greek Culture, News, Politics

Em. Macron, A Speech for Europe, Athens 2017 (full text in English, and video)

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

Coudenhove-Kalergi and A. Briand on Turkey and the European Integration

Europe - West, Islam, Politics

What is the meaning of the European flag?

Christianity, Europe - West, Politics

Religious connotations in the flag of the European Union?

Europe - West, Politics

Philippe Nemo and the Western Identity

Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Politics

President Barack Obama, A Speech For Democracy

Europe - West, Politics

Macron is right, a more supple EU would be harder to break apart and more viable in the long run


Thanos Tzimeros, A Speech to the British Parliament about Greece

Europe - West, Politics

E. S. Phelps, Greeks need to shed their corporatist values

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Pope Francis, We need a Europe which contemplates the heavens

Europe - West, Politics

Remembering Thatcher

Europe - West

The Warning of Gunter Grass

Europe - West, Politics

Towards the European disunion?


George Soros, Germany has to lead Europe on the way to revise Euro

Europe - West

When will Europe be United?

Islam, Politics

Obama and the american dream – do we want that?

Europe - West, Greek architecture, Philosophy

Roger Scruton: Modernist buildings exclude dialogue

Europe - West, Islam

European Union: we need clear thinking and straightforwardness

Europe - West, Islam, Orthodox Christianity

On the future of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity, Politics

The Fall of Byzantium, III – The Future of Byzantium

Church of Greece, Education, Europe - West, News, Orthodox Christianity

A union of Orthodoxy with the papal clergy will destroy Christianity permanently

Europe - West, Politics

Em. Macron, I want to renew the European dream

Europe - West, Politics

Emmanuel Macron, Give Europe Back to European Citizens: The Speech in Sorbonne