Secular sources report some similar data. (37)Jesus was worshiped as deity (Pliny; Lucian), (38)some believed that he was the Messiah (Josephus) and (39) called him “King” (Mara Bar-Serapion).

The Gnostic sources are even in agreement here. (40)We are told that on one occasion Jesus asked his disciples who they believed he was (Gospel of Thomas). Various answers are given in the Gnostic works, all of which agree (41)that he was both God and man. While he was a real flesh and blood person (Gospel of Truth; Treatise on Resurrection), as indicated (in the context) by the title Son of Man (Gospel of Thomas), he is also called (42)the Son of God (Treatise on Resurrection; Gospel of Truth) and (43)the “All” (Gospel of Thomas). The Teachings of Jesus