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Same-sex marriages: a modern fairy tale

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

Same-sex ‘marriages’ are starting to get legal recognition at the country where “in God they trust”… New Jersey court says there is a right of men to form such ‘unions’. Protestants start to ordain women, because there is a right of women to become priests… The pope says we must defend ‘human rights’… Churches and States move in the same field of rights and more rights, these rights, other rights, change of rights…  

Yet, the whole structure collapses (and will collapse not only at discussions) by a reality which is clearly revealed in just a simple question: is there a ‘right’ of man to be born? How can a man have ‘rights’ when he is not even born? If the very root of man’s existence is due to whatever except ‘rights’, then how can we speak about ‘human rights’, and build our (so-called) societies upon ‘human rights’?  

If we were to live self-consciously, our courts and our priests would stop speaking about ‘human rights’, they would say: we want same-sex marriages, we want women to be priests, etc. Because all these are fulfillments of our wishes, or moves we think as necessary in order to support other wishes, or – whatever, except ‘human rights’.  

We Create ourselves as subjects of rights and obligations, and we call this Self-Programming a “following of human nature”, this way hiding (thinking we can cover) the explosive mixture of arbitrariness, mechanisation and opportunism that we call our ‘life’, that is, to the nothingness that we are, we add also cowardice. 

Same-sex ‘marriages’ are starting to spread, and what is the Word of the Churches? That God wants a man to be married with a woman! This is the Ultimate Wisdom of the Churches, that God is arbitrary as we are, and just ‘doesn’t like’ same-sex marriages… Since God’s arbitrariness happens to be also the Nature, same-sex marriages are unnatural… And the Churches lived well, and we even better… 


  1. James

    Same-sex marriages.

    The murder of “reality” is our greatest crime, for in the shadow of such a crime there is no longer even a image of the event, for death like the life it precedes and ends cannot be accommodated nor henceforth “located” in the universe of the purely functional abstraction, namely what’s commonly called “man” or “woman”, for in essence they don’t exist anymore. So just as there is no more good or evil in this world, but only the state of entropy that combines perfectly with the totality of our boredom towards everything we once were. So equally it is true that no category is immune, the religious, over the tedious debates about the wearing of religious symbols, the secular, over the tedious debates about the wearing of secular symbols, the political, over the tedious debates about the wearing of political symbols. Nothing is immune any longer!


    In an old Germany fairytale I once read that there was an exact simulacrum of this world in a village, where once there was told a fairy tale to all the children who had gathered in the town square one fine day, about a land where everything would become real again one day, and in the story one child asked, “how is that to be?” and the voice said “when day is simply nothing more then day and when night is simply nothing more than night, then all will be revealed to be what it simply is”. Old fairytales! For we don’t even exist in the simulacrum of the formless world of matter anymore, in 2006 imperfection is as difficult and as rare as perfection once was, just as the myth about the “reality” of the devil was once as indispensable in the motions of a God, who cared about our the destiny of our “being” in this world; both nevertheless signify the loss of any critical difference, of any critical movement.


    One cannot any longer object to same-sex marriages morally as they having nothing to do with men or women, for to be “gay” in such an arrangement is to be nothing but an infinite function of an abstracted non-existent human being who sole role it is to become the same replaceable function of yet another function in his or her “being”. Same-sex marriages should mean “nothing” to us. Yet the fact that it’s likely to be adapted into Law in the majority of civilised countries over the next few years surely means that we are all now inhabiting an intellectual and spiritual universe in which not even the events surrounding the murder of the “real world”, that once existed in terms of not just the material reality of the “real world” but also the historical and cultural portals that spoke through “the real” as “the other” in terms of religion, poetry and philosophy surely mean that perhaps the majority of us no longer exist nor wish to be in any form of “reality” as it once existed. How else then can the worldwide tolerance of boredom, of total absurdity that seems to permeate every part of our being be explained otherwise?


    Yet perhaps we shouldn’t worry about same-sex marriages (as we are not talking about men or women who happen to love members of the same sex) for maybe they will never exist in our own particular reality or maybe if we do worry, then perhaps it’s not because of any supposed moral or ethnic argument, but just because it is one more symbol of a “reality” that no longer has any events that can cast shadows against its own distorted images.

  2. dimitrios vlaxos

    Maybe the “laos tou Theou” (people of God, the Church) will accept true theology as theosis even if some church leaders try to stop it. I found a (Greek?) blog for Orthodox people, gay and straight, that is very good and theological. Great icons and stories and prayers. It’s Maybe there is some hope for people to go beyond just sex and have real relationships of love in Christ. Let’s pray.