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Capturing the brain as it begins to create

Education, Philosophy

We can only live in the real world

Education, Philosophy

Reading in search of a balance between wisdom and impressions

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Lessons from Canada, Children need different-sex parents and society needs real freedom

Education, Greek Language

Joseph Joubert, To think of God is an act

Education, Greek history, Greek Language, Greek Library

Fragment of (maybe) the oldest copy of the Gospel of Mark


Steve Wasserman, We need love for difficulty


Helping our children with good reading

Education, Europe - West, Orthodox Christianity, Politics

Pope Francis, We need a Europe which contemplates the heavens


In search for beauty and truth

Education, Greek history, Greek Language, Greek Library, Orthodox Christianity

The Septuagint and the Vocabulary of the New Testament

Church of Greece, Education, Greek history, Greek Language

Greek language from the completion of the Septuagint to the New Testament


The Spirit of the Beehive, Life and Death in Childhood

Church of Greece, Cinema, Orthodox Christianity

Elder Paisios the Athonite, a film from Russia


Music and Freedom, an interview with Celibidache

Archaeology, Art, Byzantine empire, Rome, Western Christianity

The ‘Fair Angel’ and the David Plates: Hellenism in Late Antique Art

Education, Greek Language, Greek Library

Simon Goldhill, The poetic texture of Aeschylus

Education, Greek history, Greek Library

Becoming a Bacchos – A fragment from the Cretans of Euripides

Church of Greece, Education, Europe - West, Greek history, Greek Language, Greek Library, Orthodox Christianity

Opening the New Testament

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A representation of Byzantium on a sarcophagus in China?

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From Caligari To Hitler


The Cabinet of Dr Caligari – Screenshots Gallery

Art, Western Christianity

Romanesque churches in France

Education, Modern literature

I talk in order to understand – Robert Frost Quotes

Education, Europe - West, Politics

A human rights court should enjoy historical memory


Thinking needs time and (perhaps) paper rather than screens

Art, Culture

Between East and West, the Spiritual Roots of Europe


Shutter Island, An essay of Scorsese for the intensity of experience

Church of Greece, Education, Greek art, Greek history, Orthodox Christianity, Plato

Books for getting closer to Orthodox Christianity

Art, History, Western Christianity

Art between Byzantium and Italy


Boulez: Let us demand more from ourselves!

Cinema, Greek art, Philosophy

What does the lack of a third dimension serve?


Avatar – Is the future of cinema three dimensional?


A screen is not the best friend of a student


I Am David – A movie for the power of meaning

Church of Greece, Education, Europe - West, Greek architecture, Greek art, Greek history, Greek Language, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Politics

Byzantium : The Lost Empire

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Bill Gates, Your self-image has a big impact on how you learn


Music is dual in its nature – We need intelligent hearing


Kierkegaard on the Overture of Mozart’s Don Giovanni


Denis de Rougemont: Don Giovanni is a mind in revolt

Three Millennia of Greek Literature